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About the Podcast

This podcast features interviews with both victims and perpetrators as well as intriguing chats with authors of true crime books and people working in society to address issues of crime and punishment.

Together, Meshel and Emily delve deep behind the headlines to bring a fresh take on all things true crime.

Emily Webb


Emily Webb is a journalist and writer who has long been interested in true crime. She is the author of three true crime books (Murder in Suburbia, Angels of Death and Suburban Nightmare) that she’s currently updating to be republished in 2019. Emily has a particular interest in cold cases and giving the families and friends of victims a voice to talk about the ripple effect of crime.

Meshel Laurie

Show Host

Meshel Laurie works in TV and radio, podcasts, writes columns and books, and is the parents of twins. True crime has always fascinated Meshel and in exploring some of the darkest corners of human nature she gives a voice to people, in particular families affected by violent crime.