Notorious ‘Black Widow’ Killer Patricia Byers with Megan Norris

Megan Norris was one of our very first guests on Australian True Crime. In Episode 3 she spoke to us about her excellent book, On Father’s Day, in which she tells the story of Cindy Gambino, whose ex-husband Robert Farquharson murdered their three sons, Jai, Tyler and Bailey, by driving them into a dam on Father’s Day in 2005. Megan is the only author to have interviewed Cindy and they spent many many hours together in the weeks, months and years after the event, as Cindy moved from supporting Robert and believing his story about a coughing fit causing a terrible accident, to coming to terms with the fact that he’d planned and carried out the murder of her children to punish her for leaving him. It’s an intimate and harrowingly close observation of a woman accepting the unacceptable. In today’s episode, Megan joins Emily Webb and Vikki Petraitis to discuss a Queensland case she’s been following, that of a so-called Black Widow, Patricia Byers.

Warning: please be advised this episode contains graphic content.

Show notes for Episode 94:

Your hosts are Meshel Laurie and Emily Webb

With thanks to Megan Norris and Vikki Petraitis

More about Look What You Made Me Do: Fathers Who Kill by Megan Norris

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