Spotlight Series: Stalking Australia: She ain’t no Mary Poppins

Another instalment of our Spotlight series, where we showcase one of our favourite podcasts.

Stalking is prevalent in Australia. There are hundreds of cases reported every year. These people’s existence have been besieged by a stalker. Survivors often are voiceless and have no place to tell their stories. This podcast is giving a voice to these victims. A place to tell their stories. Hopefully we can help others who are in this terrible situation to fight back.

Bringing up children is a hard job any day of the week. But throw into the mix two young children with maladaptive behaviour, and a young mother who has just undergone spinal surgery, leaving her in a wheelchair during recuperation. Now, what was needed here was a nanny who could fly in like Mary Poppins and help Shannon with the children and chores. What flew in was a mother’s worst nightmare.



If you or someone you know is being stalked please reach out for help:

Literally millions are stalked every year, yet there is still so much stigma, silence, and shame around this subject. It’s time we speak up. Together, we can all break the silence on this unacceptable, illegal, and far-too-widespread behaviour.

Australia: 1800737732


UK: 020 3866 4107

Paladin National Stalking Advocacy Service

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