The Vanishing Criminal

There was a time in Australia where crime was hectic – armed robberies, a racket in stolen goods like stereos that could be sold quickly, an explosion in the heroin trade, shocking gun crimes including at Hoddle Street Melbourne, Strathfield Plaza in Sydney and Port Arthur in Tasmania .

Even former Prime minister the late Bob Hawke and his family were directly touched by the impacts of the drug trade when he and then wife Hazel spoke to the nation about their daughter’s heroin addiction.

By 2000, Australia had the highest rate of burglary, the highest rate of assault, sexual assault and robbery and the second highest rate of motor vehicle theft among 25 countries included in an international crime victim survey, included the United States, the UK and Europe.

But then something happened.

Researchers Don Weatherburn and Sara Rahman explored the downward trend in crimes that’s become the book The Vanishing Criminal.

Show notes for Episode 190:

Your hosts are Meshel Laurie and Emily Webb

With thanks to Don Weatherburn

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