Victorian Rape Survivors Silenced

Warning: please be advised this episode contains accounts of sexual assault. Listener discretion is advised.

Journalists Nina Funnel and Sherelle Moody discovered a very big problem with a new piece of legislation passed in Victoria in February 2020. They’ve been helping rape survivors lobby the Victorian Attorney-General Jill Hennessey for several months demanding a fix for the problem without meaningful engagement let alone success. On August 26, Nina published an opinion piece about the legislation on which has caused major upheaval in the survivor community and terse acknowledgement from Government, (along with a healthy dose of gaslighting from certain sections of the media.)

Nina Funnell joins us with the facts, as does a newly silenced survivor.

1800RESPECT if you or someone you know has been effected by sexual assault.

The #LetUsSpeak initiative and campaign.

Show notes for Episode 174:

Your hosts are Meshel Laurie and Emily Webb

With thanks to Nina Funnell and Anonymous Rape Survivor

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If you have any information on the cases covered by this podcast, please contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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