When Meshel Met Emily

You know how you can watch Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie fall in love on Mr and Mrs Smith?

Well you can hear Meshel and Emily try desperately to become friends with each other during this conversation on Meshel’s other podcast The Nitty Gritty Committee from 2016. Emily was a guest, and after the interview Meshel asked if she’d consider doing a True Crime Podcast with her. In just the same way that Brad Pitt ended up with six children, Emily is now the co-pilot of Australian True Crime which has had 10 million plus listens although unlike Brad, Emily is still part of a happy partnership. Yes, these descriptions are written by Meshel. Here’s the link to the Nitty Gritty Committee in case you’re desperate for a podcast to try while everyone is on a break, because you still have to deal with traffic or the train, or maybe you’re one of those weirdos who listens to True Crime as you’re going to sleep, which I’ve never understood, but you know, no judgement.

Show notes for Episode 83:

Your hosts are Meshel Laurie and Emily Webb

Meshel’s other podcast is Nitty Gritty Committee

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